Ep. 40 Bethune Cookman University Alumnus, Xav Hanfield

On this episode, we speak with Xav Handfield. He’s a graduate of Bethune Cookman University. Xav is a successful Speaker, Consultant, and Coach. His lively personality can be seen and heard at various venues as he speaks with a mission to develop youth and young adults.  He also is using his gift to introduce to a better way of living through “The Plant Based Brotha.” During this episode, we discuss his HBCU experience, the plant based lifestyle  and why he’s so passionate about inspiring before he expires.


Xav Handfield is a nationally recognized speaker, personal development coach, entrepreneur, and soon to be author. His Mission is to use his gifts and his voice to inspire and evoke a change in this world.

He is a native of Miami, Florida and has been in Houston since September 2012. In 2014, he merged three passions of motivation, etiquette, and faith to create his own company and be the change that he wanted to see. He is the CEO of, The Handfield Group, LLC which is the parent company of his two businesses, “Kall Me Xav, and Plant Based Brotha”

Xav earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, in Mass Communications, with a concentration in Public Relations & Advertising from The Great Bethune-Cookman University, in Daytona Beach, Florida and a Masters of Business with a concentration in entertainment from Full Sail University, in Orlando, Florida.

From his formal educational background combined with a strong family and community influence, and seeing a need and wanting to meet that need, his first job was teaching the inner city youth of Miami, Florida. In 2015, he founded, “Kall Me Xav” which allows him to speak across the country for corporate clients, churches, community organizations and to develop youth and young adults through personal development and helping them identify their purpose, through enrichment, training, and motivation. In 2017, he created Plant Based Brotha, that helps people transition to a plant based lifestyle. Xav is excited about Life, and is a living testament about our Gifts making room for us, and truly operating in purpose.

Xav enjoys traveling, doing community service,  mentoring, spending time with friends and family, finding cool vegan restaurants and attending shows/concerts.

He aspires to inspire before he expires, and is passionate about making sure youth and young adults are exposed to all of the opportunities available to them, so that they can do Phenomenal Works.”

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