Ep. 42 Paine College Alumna, Samantha Booker

On this episode, we speak with Samantha Booker a 2013 graduate of Paine College. Samantha is an educator, author, and speaker. Her passion for education can be witnessed daily in her work as gifted teacher and through her inspiring lesson on leadership with youth and young adults. During this episode, we discuss her HBCU experience, her children’s book and her role as Teacher of the Year for Richmond County, Georgia.


Samantha Booker is a dedicated educator for the past six years. She has devoted her time to serving, and empowering our youth to be lifelong learners and future leaders. Mrs. Booker earned her Bachelor’s in Education from Paine College in 2012 and Master’s in Teacher Leadership from Georgia Regents University in 2013. Currently a gifted lead teacher in elementary school and liaison for the middle and high schools. Samantha had the opportunity to serve on the AdvancED team for the school district recertification. She is currently responsible for training newly gifted teachers. Samantha has also worked closely with the Professional Learning Department to design and implement Professional Development courses to assist teachers with educating the gifted learners, and she also designed a course for new teachers to implement centers and stations in the classroom. She serves as the co-founder of a successful youth mentoring program at her school, Student Council advisor, and a member of the Leadership Team.

Samantha has recently released a children’s book entitled, “I’m a Leader.” She believes that “I’m a Leader” will help our youth develop the courage to make positive decisions, even if it cost them potential friendships. It is her goal through this book to encourage our youth to be lifelong learners when faced with difficult decisions in school and in our community.

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