Ep. 44 Claflin University Alumnus, Antonio McFarland

On this episode, we speak with Antonio McFarland, he’s a graduate of Claflin University. Antonio currently serves as the Assistant Director of Admissions at Claflin University. He’s a motivational speaker, and new author.  During this episode, we discuss how his HBCU experience helped him see the world, his new book and how his chosen career path continues to provide access to students in pursuit of higher education.


Antonio McFarland is an educational consultant, speaker, and admissions professional that helps students evaluate opportunities, while also helping them navigate the admissions process. He captivates audiences with his contagious energy, insight and humor. His overall mission is to inspire the minds of people globally, to make a positive impact on communities around the world and to encourage youth to dream big and understand the power of education.

Antonio’s ability to educate while entertaining audiences at all levels has earned him the respect of industry leaders in the non-profit, government, and private sectors. He continues helping students achieve their dreams and goals of attending college. In the last twelve years, he has facilitated hundreds of college planning seminars along with inspiring motivational speeches to schools, universities, organizations, and companies. 

His background includes over 15 years of service to students. He has five years in the public schools and has over 10 years of experience in higher education within the two-year public colleges, and both four-year public and private colleges. 

Antonio is a member of the Southern Association of College Admissions Professions and the Carolinas Association for Recruiters, Admissions, and Registrars. He is a graduate of Claflin University and has a Masters Degree in Higher Education Administration with a specialization in Enrollment Management. He also has a professional certificate from Ruffalo-Noel Levitz in Enrollment Management. 

He resides in South Carolina. 

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