Ep. 45 Bethune-Cookman University Alumna, Cris Laniese

On this episode, we speak with Cris Laniese, Bethune -Cookman University alumna. Cris is a professional artist, and Creative Director Artpocalypse Atlanta. She’s shown at exhibitions throughout the Country and her work can be found in galleries in Atlanta, New York & Jacksonville. During this episode, we discuss her HBCU experience, her passion for art and the artist and her mission to bring more awareness and visibility to Black Art.


Cris LaNiese is a self taught Atlanta based artist from Jacksonville, FL. Her passion for portraiture illuminated through the use of complimenting acrylic hues has built her a great following in Atlanta. Her ability to capture emotion with urban mosaic themed patterns in every piece is what is redefining black representation in art and culture. Cris has shown in major group exhibitions with art currently in hanging in OPE Gallery (Atlanta, GA), God is Dope Gallery (Atlanta, GA), Museum of Modern Perspective (Atlanta, GA), and many more. Cris has been shown in major art fairs in Jacksonville, FL, Manhattan, NY, and Atlanta, GA. Created Murals in Washington, DC, Jacksonville, FL, and Atlanta, GA. She is also the co-owner and Creative Director of Artpocalypse Atlanta.

Artist Statement
“Be Water. Be Light. I have given myself, consciously or unconsciously, inspiring and forcing growth and a readjusting comfort literally just flowing being formless like water. And habitual allowing exploration of self-discovery and boundless vision like light.”

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